The Data Logger is a comprehensive and modular solution for managing and safe supervision of all your industrial equipment used directly or indirectly to your production. The Data Logger is, in short, a computer incorporating a huge database and several control functions, specifically related to production equipment. It is easy to use for all operators authorized to do so. In addition, it offers unlimited possibilities for management through the creation of computer programs tailor-made to your needs. Finally, each data logger is connected to a management interface to be able to view the contents of its database.

This solution allows to monitor in real time the performance of production equipment;

The Data Logger monitors and limits access to the use of each piece of equipment, according to each user;

The software can send alarms to quickly identify the nature of problems, which can then be given to the service team of Automation Machine Design (AMD),in case of an emergency;

Custom reports can provide strategic information on the performance of equipment;

Our solution may require the obligation to visualize safety, according to the experience of the user, before starting the equipment;

Your production equipment will be 24h/24 under surveillance;

The Data Logger allows you to apply preventive maintenance to your production equipment, allowing you to have a safe risk management.


Shutdown due to a lack of parts;

Shutdown due to the use of the emergency stop button;

Shutdown caused by blockages of parts during production;

Recognition of outsize pieces or irregular;

Shutdown due to a failure of a mechanical or electrical element.

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